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Printing Services 

Welcome to the TAP printing/Media page! Here you can look at bundles that are ready for you, single order prints are also available. Keep in mind the bigger the order the more you will save!

All bundles and prints are available in the following finishes. Please note that if your images are going in glass frames glossy or semigloss is recommended 

  • Glossy 

  • Semigloss 

  • Matte

Canvases are available upon request. Please email with your ideas. 

Desktop Bundle

2 Images


This bundle is perfect for a small space, on your desk, in your bedroom or perfect for a small home entryway. You get 2 images from your session to choose from. Three prints in total. 


8x10 - 1.      5x7 - 2. 


Entryway Bundle 

5 images 


This bundle is curated to fit a wall with a range of sizes to help you create a beautiful home gallery for your family and guests to admire. You will get to choose 4 images from your session. 


  • 8x10 - 2

  • 5x7 - 3

  • 11x14 - 1


Living Room bundle 

8-12 Images 


The largest bundle offered is a fantastic way to share your photos with friends and family. With a wide range of sizes and the highest number of different photographs available to print this bundle is the best deal for those looking for a larger number of prints. 

8x10 - 3

5x7 - 5

11x14 - 2

2.5x3.5 (x4) - 1 


Al Le Carte

If your looking to add some extra prints to your order or just buying one or two of a specific size this option is great for you to get exactly what your looking for. 

8x10 $15

5x7 $10

4x6 $8

2.5x3.5 (Wallet)x4 $8

11x14 $24

Let's work together!

If you have a specific project in mind for your space and you would like to have a custom design made for your space,

please message Tara at any one of our contacts below: 

Instagram: @TaraArmstrongPhotography 

Facebook: @TaraArmstrongPhotography


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