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Confidence sessions questions


When should you arrive?

Please arrive 20 minutes before you shoot time, This will give you time to explore the space, change and do any final touches on you hair and makeup. *arrive with hair and makeup already done* 

What to bring?

Bring any pieces you would like to wear during your session, keep in mind time changing will be taken out of your 1 hour shooting time so try to keep the outfits to a minimum. Feel free to bring any stuffed animals, toys, or other personal items you would like to use as props during your session. Props like glasses, books, and props will be available. 

*Due to Covid restrictions, please do not bring any friends or guests with you to your session.*

What to wear?

Clothing is completely up to you, wear something you feel comfortable and happy in. You can choose to wear anything from pyjamas, matching underwear, lingerie or nothing at all. Don’t feel like you need to go out and spend money on things to wear, however since my philosophy is that confidence sessions are a form of self care there is nothing wrong with treating yourself with a trip to your favourite boutique. 

Just like clothing, hair and makeup is your decision. There is a washroom that will be private for you to use just outside the room where we will be shooting. The washroom is yours to use for changing, as well as hair and makeup touchups during your session. 

Where is it?

We will be hosting your session at an AirBnb in London’s Hyde Park area. The house is less than a 10 minute walk from two London bus lines. The address is:

 1614 Noah Bend, London Ontario 

Riley Nudes-3.jpg

What to expect? 

During your shoot I will guide you with poses to help you feel relaxed and comfortable during your shoot, if there is a specific pose or idea you would like to do during your shoot please let me know before hand. I will have different gear set up for different looks during your session, I may take a moment to switch lenses, camera settings and lighting. Please note that there will be strobe speed lights firing during your session, similar to studio portraits. If the lights will be an issue for you please let me know! 

If at any point during your session you feel uncomfortable for any reason and would like to take a break with the camera away for a few minutes please do not hesitate to ask. These sessions are very intimate and can make you nervous and I would hate for anyone to leave their session unhappy for any reason. 

When will you get your photos back?

You can expect to get your photos back around two weeks after your session. This return time is because I am a full time student who is also working part time.

If you are requesting any print media such as Prints, Books, Posters, Polaroids, Calendars, Sweaters etc… Please note that there will be a separate return time from your digital files. 

When do you send the rest of your payment? 

Please send the second part of your payment 3 days following your session (ie. November 20-23). Late payments may result in a late return on digital files*


Typically referred to as boudoir shoots, these shoots are for any and everyone.

My philosophy is everyone should always feel confidant in your own skin. These sessions are a great way to help build confidence or a special way of self care.

There is a quote from the show Shitt's Creek that Moira says that I think is a perfect example of one of the many reasons that you should book a Confidence Session, It goes like this: 

Take a thousand naked pictures of yourself now. You may currently think, "Oh i'm too spooky" or "no one wants to see my tiny boobies" but believe me one day you will look at those pictures with much kinder eyes and say "Dear God, I was a beautiful thing!" -Moira Rose

If you have any questions or concerns about your session, please do not hesitate to send me amessage!


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