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Traveling in Banff with your dog 🐕

Updated: Apr 18

If you plan to bring your four legged friend to Banff National Park, In the Canadian Rockies , there are some things you might want to know while planning your visit. Safety, recommendations, and activities to do with your dog.

Thank you all the new furry friends I got to meet and take photos of!


You know the drill, Safety first

While you are in the park your dog must always remain on leash (unless indoors). There are many wild animals that may harm, injure, or do worse to your four-legged friend if they get into mischief while your looking the other way. The park has many off leash dog areas if your pet needs to get the zoomies out.

Please note that if you plan to bring your dog or cat in the park you will require a pet licence from the town of Banff. You may want to review the Banff Park dog etiquette

Lets talk sh*t 💩

While you’re in the park, especially if you are on hiking trails or quieter areas of town. You may encounter animal excrement. It can be deer, elk, beaver, moose, or bear. Either way it is a good idea to keep your animal away from wild animal poop, if they are on their leash, it’s easy to monitor what they may be getting into. At the end of the day the most important thing is that you’re in a national park and if your animal poops, make sure you scoop. Your dog’s poop is filled with matter that the animals in the national park are not used to, so please pick up after your pet.


What to do in and around Banff National Park, that's not just camping and hiking 🥾 🏕

Where can we let them run free

If you are driving from Calgary into Banff or Lake Louise you may pass by some of these off leash dog parks. Make sure your dog gets a bathroom break during long drives!



​Cougar Creek Park on Bow Valley Trail

Industrial district on Hawk Ave

Palliser on Palliser Trail

Rec Grounds on Sundance Road

​Hubman (Or Three Sisters) on Hubman Landing


Quarry Lake on the Three Sisters Parkway


Elk Run on Glacier Drive


Making memories with your pup, That's why you brought them on your trip

While in the park there are plenty of dog friendly hikes to get you out and exploring. Here are some other things to do while in the park.

Best places/my choices of places to visit in Canmore with your dog in the Rocky Mountains

Get wet!

Take them on the water, rent a Canoe or a paddle board and explore some of the local lakes, I recommend, Johnson Lake, Canmore reservoir or Lake Louise. If your visiting in the winter makes sure to have booties as the ground will be cold, icy, or salted/sanded.

Go Shopping!

You guys can also explore Downton Banff as many of the shops are dog friendly just make sure to check with a staff member. My recommendations are Banff Doghouse, Cool as a moose, and Banff Flannel company.

Time for treats!

When you’re all tried out from your adventures and your bellies are starting to rumble. Many of the local restaurants have patios open for you and your dogs to sit outside and have some drinks and munchies. Pup Patios: Bear Street Tavern, Cabeza Grande, and The Keg.

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